League Information

    1.10 Introduction

    FAL otherwise known as Firearms League has long been one of the premier Firearms leagues with six exciting seasons under its belt we now come to the seventh season with the same expectations from the past, a great experience, fun gaming, and some of the best competition Firearms has to offer. This year a new crop of FAL admins have come together to try and improve on what was one of the most exciting leagues last year in recent memory.

    1.20 Season Information

    The Firearms League is comprised of 3 weeks of preseason, 10 weeks of regular season and 3 weeks of playoffs. There will be a one week break between the regular season and the playoffs. The top 3 teams will advance to the playoffs in which we will assign seeding based on regular season wins and losses. The playoffs will then follow single elimination rules with maps being selected by FAL until the finals. The finals will consist of a best of 5 round match. The first 2 rounds will be played on a map selected by the higher seeded team, and the second 2 rounds will be played on a map selected by the lower seeded team. Server and side rules will apply to these rounds as they do in the regular season. If the teams are tied 2-2 after the first 4 rounds, a tie breaker will be played to determine the winner, the map will be chosen by the FAL.

    The League ( 2nd quarter 2009) season will be comprised of 2 weeks of preseason, 7 weeks of regular season and 2 weeks of playoffs.There will be 14 teams placed for the draft.

    2.00 Server Usage

    2.10 Designated Servers

    Teams are welcome to use any of the designated servers. The Official FAL server will be designated before the start of FAL although if clans agree they may use an alternate server. Any server used for FAL matches must meet the minimum requirements, however. It must be running the current versions of Firearms, must be running in dedicated mode, must be located in North America, and must have the correct map versions for the maps being played. The server must also be on a T1 or better connection, home connections and cable modems are not allowed. It is also preferable that the server not be installed on the same machine as another game's server such as Desert Combat, which is known to cause severe lag on map change, but if no other servers are available, clans may agree to waive this. Any adminmod plugins that interferes with normal gameplay should be disabled during a match, this includes but is not limited to sound triggers,event triggers or player glow.

    2.12 Connection Problems

    Both teams have the right to a fair connection on the server being played on. If the average ping for either team is above 150 or if there is more than a 50 ms difference in average ping between the two teams (unless the ping difference is caused by one or two players with exceptionally high pings, such as European players), the server cannot be used. If the average ping during the match spikes about 150 for more than 5 min, the server crash rules will apply. In the case of one team having an average of 50 ms higher ping than the other, they may request a different server before the start of the round. Once the match has started, that team will forfeit their right to another server until the next round of play. Players facing ping issues will be required to take screenshots with net_graph 1 enabled to show both physical ping and the rates being used. In the case of dispute, FAL admins will request these screenshots in order to determine a fair server.

    2.13 Server Logs

    In the event a clan requests server logs the, clan making the request must state exactly what they are looking for and a FAL admin will go over the log and only distribute relevant sections of the log. This will prevent a clan from obtaining logs for inappropriate reasons. If the match was held on a server other than a FAL designated server, the log can only be retrieved by a FAL admin. The server owner should provide the FAL Admin with the required logs. NO modifications to any logs are permitted before turning them in as evidence. Any team attempting to break this rule can receive a 1-week suspension, loss of the disputed round, and be brought up for possible expulsion from FAL.

    2.14 Server Abuse

    Any abuse of servers in FAL will be dealt with severely. Any intentional disruption of the normal functioning of the server will be considered abuse. Punishment for this action will be automatic forfeit of the match and suspension or dismissal from the league for the guilty party. We take server issues very seriously and hope all clans respect all the servers they use.

    2.15 Server Crashes

    In the event of a server crash, the round must be replayed unless one of the following cases applies. In each of these cases the winning team will be credited with the win for that round. One team is up by more than 10 reinforcements with 5 minutes to play. One team is up by more than 20 reinforcements with 10 minutes to play. One team is up by more than 30 reinforcements with 15 minutes to play. If the round was more than 10 minutes old at the time of the crash, the winning team may claim half their reinforcement lead on the replay (rounded down). For example, if Team A is up by 20 reinforcements with 15 minutes left to play, they may claim 10 reinforcements on the replay. If they lose the replay by fewer than 10 reinforcements, they will be awarded the win for that round. If they lose by 10, the round will be deemed a tie and if they lose by 11 or more they will be given a loss. This is intended to mitigate the effect of the server crash on the outcome of the original round.

    2.20 Mandatory FAL Firearms Server Configuration

    2.21 Rules for Server Settings

    FAL will provide a configuration file to be run at the start of all FAL matches. It is suggested also that clans who run their own servers upload this file to their servers for scrims as well as in case their server is needed to run a FAL match on short notice. If a match is played on a clan's server, it is their responsibility to have the latest config file ready for use on the server. If they fail to do this, the server cannot be used. If a round starts and the settings are incorrect, play must stop immediately, and the round restarted. If the round starts again with incorrect settings, the server cannot be used. When starting a match, the player speed must be set to 0 and not changed until the start of the match

    2.22 Summary of FAL Config

    Friendly fire must be on for every FAL match and the remove reinforcements option must also be on to prevent team killing to save reinforcements Each round will have a time limit of 30 minutes. The max speed for all matches will be set at 280.

    2.23 HLTV

    HLTV may be used for any FAL match, but a minimum delay of 1 minute must be used. HLTV will be run only by FAL admins during the playoffs. If you would like your match run with HLTV, please consult a league admin for instructions and assistance.

    3.00 Scheduling

    3.10 Default Time

    FAL matches may be played at any point during the week subject to agreement between the two teams. If a time cannot be agreed upon, the match must be played at 3:00 PM Eastern on Sunday. The latest a match may be played is Sunday of the scheduled week. If special circumstances arise, an FAL admin may allow an extension. The match must start 15 minutes after the scheduled time. Failure to start on time will result in a forfeit of the round for the team causing delays. Each team will be allowed to change the match time on short notice (i.e. the day of the match) once during the regular season and once during the playoffs. Failure to uphold the scheduled times beyond that will result in forfeit.

    3.20 Season Match Scheduling

    It is the clan leaders and the schedulers responsibility to contact their opponent for the week that their match is suppose to play. You will be provided with any info from AIM/MSN/IRC/Email. It is your responsibility to make sure FAL admins get as much as info about your clan to make scheduling easier for clans. The season schedule is given out all at once ( all 10 weeks) you are allowed to schedule your matches in advance, but they must be played on the week there suppose to be played. Ex: You cannot play week 3 (Jan 16th - 30th) on Jan 9th. All the matches being released early is a good way for clans to get hold of each other way in advance and to see who you are playing throughout the season. This is a good way to strategize your season and prepare for the clans you face. If you cannot contact a clan and you have tried all the methods of contacting them, then talk with a FAL admin.

3.21 Home Team

The home team has to choose a server for the match. Home team can use any server that is within the ping rules and has the correct FAL settings. (Get the FAL.cfg under files). Home team can also choose a FAL server or have a FAL admin provide them with a server. If the home team cannot provide a server then the away team gets to choose the server. The server choosen is used the entire match, unless there is a tiebreaker round in which case section 3.23 would apply.

3.22 Away Team

They get to choose what side they want first (red or blue). If there is a tiebreaker then the clan who won by the most reinforcements for the rounds played will get choice of side on tie breaker map.

3.23 Tiebreakers

If one team wins the first round of the match and the other team wins the second round of the match, a tiebreaker round will be played.

The tiebreaker color choice or server will be picked by the team that has the best Kill/Death ratio for both rounds. The other choice will go to the other team. For example, if Team A's average KD ratio for both rounds is 1.03 and Team B's average KD ratio for both rounds is 1.01 Team A will get to pick if they want to be red or blue, or if they want their server. If they pick color, Team B picks server and vice versa. If the tiebreaker round ends in a tie, the round will be replayed until one team wins. Both teams must agree on the tiebreaker map to be played current maps sanctioned for tiebreakers are sd_woods,ps_sandblast, If teams can not agree on a map, then ps_sandblast will be the default.

3.24 Half Time

A 10 minute half time or break will be allowed between each round of any match. Team leaders may agree to skip this and start sooner. Player substitutions may be made during this time.

3.25 Forfeits

If you have had a match that was forfeited, you can replay this match if both clans agree. Most likely it’s up to the team that receives the free point because their opponent has forfeited for certain reasons. The team that forfeits will receive 2 rounds loss and the team that gets the free win will receive 1 point. However, anytime during the regular season this match that had to result in a forfeit can be made up. BOTH clans have to agree to play this match and results need to be given to a FAL admin. This benefits everyone to play all their matches, and a way for clans to EARN their win or loss. This is simply up to the clan leaders, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REPLAY A FORFEIT MATCH! Dead clans who forfeited or had forfeit wins will not be allowed to be REPLAYED! Sorry for those who were scheduled with dead clans, FAL apologizes.

3.26 Substitutions

Players may be substituted at anytime during a round of a match as long as proper screenshots and demos are made and the act of substitution doesn't disturb the overall round, however the best time to do a substitution would be during the break between rounds.

3.30 Match Results

You must send screenshots of the scores from each round and send them to fal@firearms2mod.com or upload them to the league's website using the form(s) supplied by the FAL. Failure to follow the upload instruction on the upload form may make results invalid, if you are having trouble with instructions or the upload please contact an admin for help. Make sure you have someone in the clan that takes screenshots. The winning team has one hour after the end of the match to report the win to an FAL admin. If no admins are available at the time, send an email with the match results to the official FAL email address (fal@firearms2mod.com). Failure to report the win within one hour will be cause for a replay of the entire match to be completed by the end of the next week. We clearly believe reporting the match result is very important, so make sure it is your first priority after completing the match.

3.31 Determining Match Winner

The winner of each round is determined by which team has more reinforcements at the end of the 30 minute time limit, or after one team runs out of reinforcements and the map ends. If the round ends with a tie in the reinforcements, or the number of players alive if both teams have zero reinforcements, the round is deemed a tie. If a round goes to 0-0 reinforcements for both teams, and a team caps, the capping team wins. The winner of the match is determined by the winner of the first two rounds and a tiebreaker if necessary. If one of the first two rounds is a tie, the winner of the other round is the winner of the match. If both teams win a round in the first two, a tiebreaker will be played on a balanced map. The winner of that round will win the match The winner of a match will be determined by a cumlative total of remaining reinforcements at the end of both rounds for each team. The team with the highest total will be the match winner in the event of a tie, a tiebreaker round must be played. (see 3.23). A round is consider ended when either the last man on a team with 0 reinforcements has been elimated or the 30 minute time limit has been reached. For example Team A wins round 1, with 5 reinforments left by elimating the last man of Team B, [Total so far 5 – 0], Team B wins round 2 with 8 reinforments remaining due to time expiration, while Team A has only 2 reinforments left. Team B wins the match Team A cumlative total 7, Team B cumlative total 8.

4.00 Match Rules

4.10 Team Sizes

The default team sizes for FAL matches will be 6 on 6. Both teams may agree to play as much as 8 on 8, but they must both have equal numbers of players during the match. This must be agreed upon before the scheduled match time and a FAL admin must be notified. If 7 on 7 or 8 on 8 is agreed upon, that becomes the official team size for the match. A team may only play up to 1 player down at any time. If one team has 2 fewer players than the agreed upon amount, they will forfeit the match. Each team has 15 minutes after the scheduled match time to get the requisite number of players connected to the server. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit. If a player drops for any reason and does not rejoin within 10 minutes, his or her team will be held liable for forfeit if their team has 2 fewer players as a result.

4.11 Voice Communication

Use of communication programs such as Roger Wilco, Game Voice, Ventrilo, or the Half-Life voice system is completely acceptable and recommended. However, "ghosting" (giving away player positions after you are dead) at the end of matches is not allowed. As there is no way to enforce this, we will have to rely on the integrity of the players to uphold this, please try and respect this rule.

4.12 Player Rules

Players and teams are responsible for ensuring that all of their members know, understand and follow all rules. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for a violation. Rules will be enforced.

4.13 Chat Rules

Public chat is only permitted during a match by the team leaders. Repeated public chat from non leaders and/or abusive chat from anyone not be tolerated. Racist language of any kind, public or private at ANY time during the course of a FAL match (including warm-up rounds) will result in a minimum 2 week suspension of the offending player. There is no warning for this. This type of behavior will NOT be tolerated. For other repeated or abuse chat, the opposing team's leader must issue a warning to the player in public chat. If the warning is not followed, the round will be forfeited. If this behavior is repeated again, a 2 week player suspension will accompany round forfeits.

4.14 Steam IDs

Steam IDs for each player are to be listed on the clan's FAL roster. Steam IDs will be recorded for each player before the season starts and can be changed with the permission of a head admin. After the season begins, every player will be held accountable for their own Steam ID. It is the responsibility of the opposing team to check and verify Steam IDs at the start of the match. If a player is found to have information not matching the official roster, the leader of the opposing team may require that the player leave the server and not play. If the leader of that team decides to let the player play, a dispute will not be allowed following the match. If a player joins mid way through a round, and does not have a correct Steam ID, they will be subject to a 2 week suspension and forfeit of the round. It is not the responsibility of the opposing team to check Steam IDs mid game.

4.15 Screenshots and Demos

One of the goals of FAL is to provide teams and players with as fair a playing experience as possible. The following rules are meant to ensure this by preventing people from cheating and getting away with it. It is very important to be clear on these rules as ignorance of them is not an excuse to avoid penalities.

4.16 Demos

All players will be required to record demos (in console "record demo-name") during all FAL matches. If a player fails to do so, the round will be replayed and the player suspended for a minimum of 2 weeks. If two or more demos are missing from the same team in the same match, the match will be forfeited. If a team fails to turn in a demo a second time in a later match, the match will be forfeited. If a player fails to turn in a demo a second time, he or she will receive longer suspensions and possible removal from the league. Demos must also be restarted with a different name if a player drops and has to reconnect. Demo footage from the entire match from all players is required. At anytime a FAL admin may request your demo and/or screenshots after the match, up to
the following 7 day(s).HLTV may be used as a backup for demos in the event that the recorded demo for a given player is corrupt. That player must still provide other material as requested by FAL admins.

4.17 Screenshots

Screenshots must be taken during each round showing your team's player models as well as the enemy team’s player models. A minimum of four screenshots will be required from each round. Both must clearly show these models, one screenshot with the scoreboard showing and one without. All screenshots must also have a net_graph showing to rule out the possibility of the screenshot coming from a demo.
If a player uses a scoped weapon during the match (g36,ssg,svd,m82,anaconda,m14) one screenshot of the fov while scoped per weapon used must be taken, it can be taken during the match if needed and only needs to have the netgraph and scoreboard displayed with round number said in chat (use teamchat if swaping weapons during a round). The following directions will provide an opportunity for screenshots to be taken before the beginning of the match:

At the beginning of the match, sv_maxspeed will be set to 0 and players will be on the team which they will play during the round. All players will join Red team. All players will type “round 1 in worldchat, and take the two screenshots as directed above. Once all players have completed this, all players will join Blue team. “round 1” will be typed in worldchat once again, and two more screenshots will be taken. All players will rejoin their original team. This will be repeated at the beginning of the second round, and “round 2” will be substituted for “round 1”. “round 3” will be used for any tiebreak necessary.
Following a match, players will have at least 8 screenshots, maybe more depending upon whether or not the match went to a tiebreak or if they used any sort of scoped weapons.

To review: 4 screenshots necessary per round (2 of red team, 2 of blue team). One screenshot for each team must include net_graph, and one screenshot for each team must include both net_graph and the scoreboard. Each screenshot must include a statement written in worldchat indicating which round the screenshot is for. If a scoped weapon is used during the match a screenshot of its scoped fov for each weapon type used per round with a typed round in chat and a netgraph and scoreboard displayed, models are not required to be shown for this screenshot.

No misbehavior will be tolerated while all players are on the same team. Team killing or any other abusive conduct will be met with disciplinary action by FALeague administrators.

If a player is found not to have taken screenshots, the same penalty will occur as if the player had failed to take demo of the match. If a player drops or reconnects at any time, they must retake two screenshots for both friendly and enemy player models before the end of the round. (4 total) To make it easier to take screenshots. PunkBunny from LoS made a script that takes screenshots every time you hit tab to view your scores. This isn't required but it’s recommended. KingKnight Screenshot Script

4.18 Octinium

Octinium is a 3rd party program that takes partial screenshots in Firearms at a set interval, without affecting performance. It is very effective at ensuring that a player is not using a wallhack, lambert etc.In order for Octinium to be used, one of the team leaders must request it at least 48 hours before the scheduled match time and a FAL admin must be notified. If Octinium is requested, the movies it produces will be treated in the same was as screenshots, and all players must submit them to FAL after the match. The requirements for recording Octinium moves are that they must be verifiable as having been recorded during the match, not from a demo. The best way to ensure this is to enable netgraph (net_graph 3) and set the position to center (net_graphpos 2) so that the netgraph is visible at all times during the Octinium movie. If the movie differs from these requirements the penalties for failure to record one will apply. If a player drops or has to reconnect, it is recommended that Octinium be restarted to ensure there are no problems with it. Finally, the version of Octinium used in FAL is 1.1. We have experienced problems with earlier and later versions. You can download Octinium 1.1 here.

4.20* Preseason, Regular Season and Playoffs

To summarize the rules for demos etc. throughout the season, demos must be taken at all times by all players throughout all FAL matches, screenshots and Octinium are optional and must be requested prior to the match (48 hours in the case of Octinium), and all three are required at all times in the playoffs Screenshots and Octinium movies will be reviewed from every player if they are requested or during the playoffs, and demos will be reviewed only in the case of a dispute.

To summarize, demos and screenshots must be taken throughout all FAL matches by every match participant. Once a request for demo(s) and/or screen shots has been made by an FAL admin you must submit all material within a reasonable amount of time as determined by the admin, with a minium time of 15 minutes. Material maybe submitted via email or using the FAL upload forms located at http://league.firearms2mod.com/submit-form.html , the rules on the material upload form must be followed or the submission will be consideredd invalid, if you have any questions about how to upload evidence contact an FAL admin.

4.30 Player Models

All participants in FAL matches must use only player models accepted by FAL. We will maintain a list of legal player models on the official FAL website with screenshots and links to download them. Any player found using models which aid a player in an obvious manner (neon) will receive a 2 week suspension and his team will forfeit the round. A player using non-neon, illegal models will receive a round forfeit for his team, but a round forfeit and 2 week suspension for a second offense. If you are interested in using a non-FAL approved player model, you may submit them to FAL admins for consideration, but they are not legal until posted publicly on the FAL website. It is also the responsibility of the teams to ensure they are using legal models. Ignorance is not an excuse for using illegal models.

4.31 Weapon Skins & Models

All p models (the model displayed in 3rd person in game) must be either default or not brightly colored. If a player is found to be violating this rule they will face the same punishments as with bright player models. This includes grenade, claymore, and weapon skins.
V models (the weapon your holding in 1st person view) cannot be translucent, and can not give any undue advantage to the player, if you question your model please submit a screenshot of it to an FAL admin for approval before a match.

.32 Crosshairs

Custom crosshairs are legal and encouraged as many players perform better with them. However, crosshairs may not be used on any weapon that does not by default have a crosshair. This includes (as of Firearms 2.8) sniper rifles, grenades, and knives.

4.40 Weapon Limitations

In an attempt to create diversity of playing styles and strategies without an over-reliance on one particular type of gun or tactic, we have created the following limits on weapons during FAL matches. If a team is found to be repeatedly and intentionally violating these rules, despite warnings from the opposing team, they will be subject to forfeit of the round.

Maximum of 1 of each Assault Rifle
Maximum of 1 of each Sub Machine Gun
Maximum of 1 of each Sniper Rifle (maximum of 2 total)
Maximum of 1 Grenade Launcher (m79,m203 or gp25)
Maximum of 1 Remington Shotgun (Note: Saiga 12k Autoshotgun is illegal for all matches)
Maximum of 1 players with Fragmentation/Concussion Grenades
Maximum of 1 players with Claymore Mines
Maximum of 1 Machine Gun
Maximum of 1 Artillery

4.50 Map exploits

The use of a map exploit is considered cheating and evidence of this will result in round forfeit for that clan and a 4 week suspension for the guilty player. Screenshots or demos of a player using an exploit are considered evidence. Map exploits are considered anything outside the intended map design. Please consult league admins for possible exploits in maps. Boosting is considered an exploit. If you cannot get to a certain spot on your own, then you are not supposed to be there.

4.51 Helmet Camming

Helmet camming is defined as an attempt to obscure or remove your head and body from view allowing you to shoot at someone when they cannot see you. The current version of Firearms (2.9) has some know problems on certain maps with helmet camming. FAL's goal here is to ensure fair play. This will depend on the leader of the opposing team to register a complaint in public chat during the round if someone is helmet camming. Frivolous accusations of helmet camming will not be tolerated. If the player continues to use the same spot after 2 warnings, and a FAL admin determines that the spot was indeed helmet camming, the round will be forfeited and the player suspended for a minimum of 2 weeks. Intentional and repeated helmet camming demonstrates very poor sportsmanship and will not be tolerated in FAL. This rule ONLY applies to invisible helmet camming; there are many positions where only part of a player's head is visible that are not covered by this rule. Also, every helmet camming dispute will be reviewed to determine the maliciousness of the offending player and whether proper warning was given. Exploiting of any kind will not be tolerated. If a dispute is filed for anything other than helmet camming, no warning is needed, and all teams should be prepared to send their demos as evidence. A leader is encouraged to give the other team a warning as this will be taken into consideration when the dispute is filed in order to make a fair decision for both teams. (Rule change 20th May, 2004.)

This is a list of known, valid exploits: Repeated "prone strafing", i.e., to avoid getting shot at (similar to helmet camming); 3rd person mode; Stamina exploit to run faster than normal (fixed in 2.9); repeated crouch hopping to avoid getting shot; various reload bugs for weapons.

4.52 Scripts/Cheats

The use of any scripts or 3rd party application used to the benefit of the player to improve their movement, aim, vision or any other game play function other than setting network settings, player name etc, will result in an immediate ban from league play. This rule applies to all public games as well. All players will be expected to adhere to the highest standards of play in FAL matches and in public servers. Some of these exploits or cheats may be in the Firearms config files in the Firearms directory. As such, if a team suspects that such exploits are being used, it is imperative that they register their dispute immediately after the match. The player under dispute will have 5 minutes to produce his or her config files from the Firearms directory. A screenshot showing size, name, date and time of access in the Windows directory may also be requested. These files must be sent to FAL admins either directly through IRC or another chat program, or via email to (fal@firearms2mod.com). If an admin is not around at the close of a match, the leader of the disputing team is responsible for notifying the other team and the requested materials must be sent in whether an admin is present or not. Team leaders may not demand to see these files for themselves, as some players have rcon passwords saved in their config files or other personal settings side effect of this rule is that players are asked to remain available for 5 minutes at the close of a match. If a player needs to leave immediately, they should let their team leader know, and their leader should make sure no config files are being disputed for that player. If the player does not turn in their config files in a timely manner, and is deemed to have done so to intentionally allow time to "fix" their config before submitting it, they will be subject to a 4 week minimum suspension. Otherwise, demos will be reviewed as part of the dispute and handled normally. If a player is caught cheating during an FAL match, the match will be automatically forfeited and the player banned from FAL.  

4.53 Public Server Cheating

Public server cheating All players who have been caught cheating whether during public play or league matches are currently banned from FAL. This will apply to anyone who is caught in the future as well.

4.54 Public Exploiting

Public Exploiting Players who have been caught exploiting on public servers may be banned from FAL at the discretion of the administrators of the league.

5.00 League Scoring and Standings

5.10 Match Scoring

For each match won, each team will be awarded a point.

5.20 Standings and Playoff Seeding

Standings and playoff seeding will be determined by the team with the most total points. The top 8 teams will compete in the playoffs. A tie will be settled by the team with fewer points against (rounds lost). In the event of a tie in that category also, the team with the harder schedule (most total points of opposing teams) will be seeded higher. If that somehow fails to settle the tie, a 1 round tiebreaker will be played on a tiebreaker map.

6.00 Disputes

6.10 Match Disputes

6.11 Time Limits

Formal disputes of players or actions during a FAL match must be filed within 24 hours of the completion of the match. If a server crash or other event causes the match to end on a later day, both teams will have 24 hours from the end of the final round of the match to file disputes. We do highly suggest that disputes be filed as soon as possible after the match. Disputes must be filed directly with an FAL admin via either the #faleague channel or the official FAL email address (fal@firearms2mod.com).

6.12 Dispute Points

In order to reduce the chances of frivolous disputes, 3 dispute points will be given to each team during the regular season. Disputes will not be permitted during the preseason matches, although if a player is suspected to have cheated, FAL may request demos. During the playoffs, each team will start with 3 dispute points. For each dispute a team files, they risk losing 1 dispute point if the dispute is found to be without merit. If the dispute is found to be valid, the team will keep the point. If a team has no dispute points remaining, they may not dispute anything for any reason.

6.20 Evidence Requests

6.21 Time Limits

Once a player has been notified of an evidence request (demos, config files etc.), and has received the request (e.g. via email, IRC, IM), the player has no more than 15 minutes to deliver the requested files directly to a FAL admin (5 minutes for config files). If a player fails to deliver evidence in a timely manner and is determined to be doing so to intentionally evade turning in such evidence, they will be suspended for a minimum of 2 weeks, and any rounds they played in from the match in question will be forfeited. In special cases, extensions may be granted.

6.22 Evidence Retention

All players should keep backups of all evidence they have from a match for at least a week. It may be crucial to the fair determination of a dispute. Further evidence requests may be needed to determine if anything was done improperly. At the time of a dispute, a given piece of evidence from another player may not be initially requested but may provide evidence to help with the dispute at a later time.

6.30 Handling Disputes

Disputes will be handled as professionally as possible. Information about the dispute will be kept private unless a guilty decision is reached in order to protect that player's reputation. If a team continues to make false claims against other teams, the disruption may be viewed as grounds for team suspension. This will be reviewed by FAL admins on a case by case basis.

7.00 Teams

7.10 Roster Requirements

Each team registered for FAL must have at least 6 active members. If a team is interested in registering for FAL, and has fewer than 6 active members, they should delay signing up until they have 6. However, FAL will not allow new clans to sign up after preseason has finished. Each team is required to provide information about its members in the form of Steam IDs and handles. Each team is also required to specify a leader and email contact or IRC channel where the leader may be reached. Each clan must also list a scheduler (if different from the leader), with contact information.

7.20 Team Inactivity and Hiatus

Any team may request up to two weeks off. Any matches missed will be counted as forfeits. Requests will only be fulfilled for legitimate, serious problems within the clan. If the team fails to become active again after two weeks and misses a third match, they will be removed from the league and any wins recorded will be retroactively forfeited.

7.30 Team Changes

Players may be added or removed from a team's roster up to the date of the roster lock. After the roster lock, no changes of any kind will be permitted to rosters, unless a player requests that they be removed from their team's roster. In all cases of roster changes, FAL must be notified and approve the change. Once a roster addition is approved and confirmed by FAL, the player is immediately eligible to play in FAL for that team. However, if a player repeatedly changes teams, and is suspected of team "hopping", they will be suspended. If at any time a player plays for a team for which they are not registered, they will be subject to severe penalties

7.40 Dual Clanning

If a player plays for two clans at the same time, they will be removed from the league, no exceptions. Dual clanning will not be permitted.

7.50 Switching Clans

A player is only allowed to switch clans ONE time in a season, once you leave the second clan you will be removed from FAL for the rest of the season. Clan hopping will not be tolerated, if your having problems in your clan and its a must that you need to leave it, then make sure you pick your next clan wisely because you only get ONE chance. FAL will be monitoring all transactions during the season and making them available to the public. This is to ensure that cheaters aren't bypassing the system and to keep a close eye on the clan hopping, and name changers.  IF your clan drops from FAL due too inactivity then it will not be counted against you.

  1. FAL Code of Conduct

    1. FAL admins must uphold FAL rules and standards at all times, no exceptions.

    2. FAL admins must idle and support the #faleague channel in IRC and help to moderate it.

    3. FAL admins must refrain from engaging in abusive discussions with anyone, whether public or private. If a problem with a player persists, the admin is expected to refer the problem to fellow admins.

    4. FAL admins are admins at all times, in matches, in public games, in public forums and chat programs. Admins are not permitted to act as a player one minute and as an admin the next minute.

    5. FAL admins may participate in a clan registered for FAL.

    6. FAL admins may lead a clan registered in FAL, but are discouraged from doing so. If this situation is not avoidable, the admin in question must appoint another team member to represent their team in the case of disputes.

    7. No two players in the same clan may be admins for FAL at the same time.

    8. FAL admins may not take part in the decision process for anything involving their clan. This is the role of the clan's leader and the other FAL admins to ensure that all decisions and rules are upheld and ruled fairly. This extends to the supplying of information concerning an incident involving their clan. This is purely the responsibility of the clan leader. If the clan's registered leader is not available, another clan member must be designated to deal with the problem, the admin may not do it.

    9. FAL admins are not immune to player punishments in FAL. For example, should an admin fail to produce a demo, they will be subjected to the same rules as any other player. For minor infractions, the admin will be allowed to continue serving as an admin during their suspension from play, but serious offenses will justify permanent removal from the league as an admin.

    10. Racism at any time from any admin will not be tolerated and will be grounds for immediate dismissal.

    11. FAL Admins are expected to keep chat logs and records of all matters relating to FAL. If a problem or dispute arises, these may be crucial to ensure an accurate and fair resolution to the problem.

    12. FAL admins are not allowed to discuss disputes between teams in private messages. All discussions must take place in either the FAL public channel or the FAL admin channel. Logs from these channels may be distributed to the public if one or more teams believe a decision is not being made fairly.

    12. FAL admins are not allowed to make decisions about team disputes via private messages between admins. All discussions where a decision is being made should be visable between all admins involved in the decision and after a ruling is made, said discussions should be made public in some way, (forums,posted on website, or any other means deemed reasonable by the FAL).

    8.11 Abuse of Admins

    Abuse of FAL admins by players registered in FAL will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form. Players may discuss their grievances either publicly or privately but must remain respectful at all times. If a player abuses an admin in any public forum (including chat programs, online forums, public servers and FAL events), the player may be subject to suspension for a time to be determined by the other admins. Abuse in private will also not be tolerated and if personal attacks and harassment continue after warnings are issued, the player will be subject to penalties. In such cases, the admin must provide proof of abuse in the form of chat logs, demos, emails etc. The admin under attack may not take part in determining punishment and a player may not be punished without a warning first being issued to the player and their team's leader, unless the abuse is deemed extreme enough by the other admins to warrant immediate punishment.

    8.12 FAL Channel Rules

    The rules for the #faleague channel are as follows and must be upheld by all admins when they idle in it. In general, admins should warn, then kick, then ban offending users, but for extreme offenses or repeat offenses, admins may remove users from the channel permanently without warning. 1) Abusive language from anyone towards anyone will not be tolerated. 2) No spam, no advertising, no inappropriate sites or content. 3) Idlers are not permitted to have access to the channel but are encouraged to idle and support the channel. 4) Admins must set the channel to moderated mode when dealing with problems or discussions in the channel, but by default the channel must remain unmoderated when not being used for official discussions. 5) IRC match bots may be run by anyone but non admins need to get approval and get access to the channel for the duration of the match. Only one match may be broadcast at a time. Non-FAL events may not be broadcast in the FAL channel.

    8.13 Game Admins

    FAL admins may watch over your scheduled FAL matches at anytime without notice. Any admin that comes into a match must identify themselves immediately and should avoid disrupting the match if it is already in progress. If you wish to have an admin present for your match you must submit your request a minimum of 24 hours prior to your scheduled match time at fal@firearms2mod.com or at #faleague @ irc.gamesurge.net . If at all possible an admin will watch and mediate your match. Rcon passwords must be provided to FAL admins in order for them to watch the match.

8.20 Changes and Updates

The Firearms League reserves the right to modify the rules as needed. This includes changes due to software updates or releases, discovery of flaws in the game and all other changes deemed necessary to the league. If the rules are modified, a notice will be posted on the news section of the official FAL website. Teams should check the rules on a regular basis and prior to every match to ensure they are in complete compliance.

8.30 FAL Player Agreement

All players WILL NOT exploit/cheat in public servers. If you are caught doing it, you will be punished by FAL.  I ask all FAL participants to report any FAL players doing this, and please record a demo of the person doing it, so we have proof. FAL admins also ask that all FAL participants act like adults in IRC/AIM/Public Servers/scrims/ and FAL matches.  A little argument is acceptable and we expect it.  This is a killing game!  But if it gets out of hand... ex: racism, threat, or some terrible language.  Then please report it to a FAL admin and we will review the case.

8.40 Loopholes

FAL Admins reserve the right to rule on situations where a player, admin, or clan abuses the spirit of a rule or any such loophole found therein. This rule allows admins to control situations where the purpose of the rule is not explicitly stated but its intent is still apparent. Please contact a FAL admin if you believe a rule is not stated explicitly enough or if you find an exploitable rule.